A Better Approach to Renewable Energy

Heliovaas is an experienced and well capitalized renewable energy developer, bringing smarter, more secure solutions in distributed generation solar photovoltaic (PV) power to markets across the country. We leverage our expertise in national and regional policies, and in natural energy resources, to establish cleaner, scalable solutions that impact the local and global communities.

Our goal is to establish long- and short-term ownerships of renewable energy assets, secured through Power Purchase Agreements with commercial, industrial, residential, and government off-takers. Mindful of providing the right solutions to the right consumers, we carefully evaluate each market and select the regions where we know solar can have the most viable impact. We also partner with local contractors, trades people, and professionals to help boost the region’s economy. Together, Heliovaas and our partners deliver responsible, renewable energy solutions that are better for life, better for living—better for everyone.