Because Regional Projects Need Local Insight 

Green initiatives not only impact the planet, but also affect positive change in communities—more jobs, greater grid stability, and less fluctuation in energy costs. So it’s critical to have the right partner who’s dedicated to maximizing the benefits for everyone involved. Heliovaas is a well capitalized renewable energy developer, dedicated to creating strategic partnerships with local professionals, including contractors, electricians, trades people and brokers Through this approach, we not only bring viable, more responsible energy to consumers, but we also ensure the regional economies where our projects are centered are infused with new business and jobs.

Installation Professionals

Heliovaas partners with local EPC providers, integrators, engineers, and other professionals and organizations to tackle regional projects in markets where solar is financially viable. That’s because we believe strong local knowledge is critical to our success, allowing Heliovaas to concentrate on its core strengths while leveraging our partners' expertise to perform the critical installation with state-of-the-art systems.


The local incentives that regionalize viable solar markets require that considerable time and energy are spent on originating opportunities in various geographical territories. Although Heliovaas has a local presence in several territories, we also work with brokers to originate new opportunities. We rely on their insights to help develop new business, making them a critical part of our business strategy.

If you are interested in partnering with Heliovaas on a project, or have questions about which regional markets we are currently exploring, please contact us directly.